Friday, December 02, 2016


Back to where this little family started
Our Miracle babies....They have blessed our lives tremedously

They love each other

True Texans girls...

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

January 2015 Review

2015 started off pretty good.  We had a great time at the Vanderpools on New Years Eve.  We had great company and light up a few fireworks.  

However I came back home with a Chikungunya disease from Samoa Arghhhhhh.  I am glad it was me instead of my kids.  My feet hurts so bad I seriously need a walker.  I had a RASH throughout my body literally even on the palm of my hands and bottom of my feet. YIKES!!!  
So 2015 started with enduring physical pain and  learning to overcome the day to day chores while you're sick.  Then poor Malia got the stomach bug and an ear infection that seems to linger instead of going away.

The RASH!!!

Now off to good and better news.  Such a new experience for me to be able to hear the progress of my child from her Teacher.  I am not a person to brag about my kids but I couldn't help it.  Kumu Jackie {Malia's teacher} spoke so highly of her and her progress in class.  She's a well behaved girl among her classmates and is very polite.  She painted a picture of her family {us} and a phrase that said "My Dream is to.....fill in the blanks..."  She wrote "My dream is to take care of my family"  My tears came rolling down my cheeks...Yes my heart was full.  I am truly grateful and honored to be her Mama.

She loves her little sisterQ

Look at the smile...

She sure melts my heart

I can't believe she's 5 turning 6 in 3 months

She makes work hard to be a better Mama everyday...

Now our sweet and full of energy Miss Alana.  I started a Homeschool preschool with 3 other Mamas that goes to the same church {Ward} as me.  I adapted a few things I learned from Iroquois Preschool.  Alana and her friends were so excited to start school

Alana helping me setup for school

A is for Apple and Apple ART
I wrote my own name for the first time...Well Ikaia got help from mama lol.

We wave our flag and our hand over our heart while we all recite the Pledge Allegiance.
I am loving our little preschool group.  The kids are so excited to learn and to play!

Well since moving to the big island and living in a beautiful little Waimea town I get to experience this.  That's right snow in Hawaii...Mauna Kea never fails to amaze me everyday.

We get to see horses every where in this amazing little town

Drove out to Hilo and enjoying snorkling in Pahoa

A selfie with our little family overlooking Kilauea volcano.

Finally Blue Bessie joined us on the Big Island.  Welcome home!

Cherry Blossom trees everywhere around our home.  The girls love picking them.

Alana and her friend.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Overview of 2014

2014 was filled with a lot of changes for our family.  
Lived in Ewa Beach for a year! 
Ryan is still loving being a pilot with Hawaiian Air!
He was called as the 1st Counselor in the Bishopric
We got to travel with him on some of his trips.  We spend 10 days in Bisbane Australia.

I am still enjoying my photography business. 
I love capturing precious memories for families
Malia graduated from Iroquois Point Preschool.
We are truly blessed to be apart of this preschool.  They are amazing and by the end of Malia's Pre-K year she was able to read a short book.  She is such a fast learner and LOVES going to school.
She took swim lessons from the amazing Paige Lloyd
Malia started Kindergarten at Iroquois Point before we moved to Waimea Big Island.
She is now going to Parker School in Waimea.

Alana started preschool with Iroquois Point Preschool and shortly interrupted by our move...she was so sad.
Since we moved to Waimea we couldn't find a preschool that has any opening and with a good price so I started a little homeschool group of 4 kiddos.  Brought back memories of when Malia was 3 and living in Texas.
She learned how to swim from Paige an amazing swim teacher.  We sure miss her.

We spend Christmas in Samoa and attended my youngest sister's wedding.  Malia was one of the flower girls.  We had a GREAT TIME!!!

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

September - When It Rains It Pours!!!

Pettit News - As you all may already know we moved...yes.....again.  Since we have moved back from Texas we have been a little unsettled with where we call home.  

Each time we moved we knew it was right for us even if it doesn't seem like it was the right thing to do.  Each place we meet new friends and reconnect with old friends.  We leave each area knowing that we were there for a reason and it's time to move on.

So here we are taking a leap of faith to a new area.  The Big Island of Hawaii offers so much potential and growth for our family.  We settled in Waimea/Kamuela and we're loving what this awesome little town offers.  It is different in so many ways.  Very low key but yet very involved.

We found a beautiful rental on the hill side of Kamuela.  It has a gorgeous view of Mauna Kea.  I know  beach view Ewa Beach and Laie were beautiful but I've realized how much I've taken the mountain view for granted.  I love this view.

Mauna Kea view from the bedroom

Another view of Mauna Kea 
Ryan in the backyard
Malia started private school at Parker school.  She had a smooth transition.  She sure misses her preschool and iroquois point elementary friends but is slowing getting to know a few kids in her class.  Her teacher is amazing and we are so excited for her.

Alana's 3rd birthday...since we didn't know anyone in the area we invited some of her nursery friend from church...we were able to get to know the families that we will be going to church with.

The Girls enjoying a little fire for's colder in waimea compare to Ewa Beach...
 Some of the million horses we see daily....Waimea is a country little town filled with lots and lots of horses...
Alana LOVES horse
The awesome playground we get to enjoy in Waimea
 Daddy's new commuter car...we just need to put the engine in and seats...Introducing Harvey...Herbie's brother

 Her birthday was worth the $$ at least cheaper than a real one.

Saturday, March 01, 2014


The Month of LOVE!
I know I have been really bad in updating my blog.  Last year went by in a flash.  I will do a recap later.  I just wanted to post some pictures of my 2 miracle babies and how much they've grown.  

Malia 4 and Alana 2

These girls LOVE their Daddy

Monday, July 01, 2013

Happy Birthday to Alana Anne Pettit

I can't believe it that I had this post started when Alana turned ONE!!! Yes in October 2012...Goodness I better get with it lol.

Here we go!
Our beautiful Alana Anne Pettit.  She came into this world right at 39Weeks so her Daddy can see and hear her cry for the first time.  She looks like her Daddy and also busy like her Daddy.
She is full of life and although she gives me more gray hair than I need she does brighten up my day.
I love her so much and grateful she chose us to be her family. 

Birthday Girl Eating Breakfast...She can EAT! SERIOUSLY!!

Our little Caterpillar is growing so fast...and turning ONE! 
My attempt to be a homemaker crafty Mama

Here is the Caterpillar cake...made with LOVE!

We have a few of Alana's little friends and this water table was the HIT for the birthday girl.  She LOVE IT...Can you tell.

She's SPLASHING...and 



The kids made a few caterpillar craft

Alana and her friend Lisa

That SMILE sure brightens up the room...with Daddy

YAY!!  Time for CAKE.

Ops Daddy got a little bit of the CAKE.

Oh my Alana!


The cake was yummy!

These two LOVES LOVES LOVES Daddy time...

Grammy time is a MUST

Gifts from Grammy and Papa = a spoiled little girl

She was freaking out over the little caterpillar everytime it pops was hilarious.

We love you our Alana.  You truly are a light to our family.  You make my heart jump for joy everytime I hear your voice.  I love you sweetheart.